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    • 4 Nov 2020
    • 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM (PST)

    Recipe for Supply Chain:
    Go From Surviving to Thriving

    Wednesday, November 4th
    9:00am-10:00am PST

    Presented By:
    Mike Rockwell
    Founder & Client Advocate for VIPER Healthcare Supply Chain Solutions, LLC.


    How, during these extraordinary times, do we get a handle on what we can control with the supply chain? How do we know who and what the right partners and methods are, to bring cost in alignment with expectations? The answer can only be found in education, empowerment and teamwork. Let’s solve this together!

    (Members Attend Free, Non-members $35.00)

    HOW TO JOIN THE WEBINAR: Please use the link provided in the confirmation email to complete your registration. 

    Continuing Education Units, CEU's:

    Earn up to 1.0 continuing education unit hours for each hour of education from the ACMPE, American College of Medical Practice Executives. Our events are eligible for continuing education units as awarded by other professional associations. We recommend that you contact your professional association for their approval process.

    • 10 Nov 2020
    • 12:15 PM - 1:30 PM (PST)

    Orange County MGMA Presents:
    Strong Cyber Security

    Presented by:

    Mark Essayian
    President of KME Systems Inc.

    When: Tuesday, November 10, 2020
    12:15pm -1:30pm 

    Where: WEBINAR



    Strong Cyber security is a significant business differentiator which also protects your culture, reputation and profits.

    Mark will explain why strong cyber security hygiene is critical to your organization, what the threat landscape looks like and the dangers of an incomplete strategy. You’ll also learn how to start or cultivate your security processes.

    Members will learn why cyber security is critically important and how it is affecting you from several risk viewpoints. We’ll have important discussions around process to succeed, as well as a continuing strategy to stay educated at the executive level.

    Key Decisions

    ▪ Why strong Cyber security hygiene is important.

    ▪ Stay aware with an ongoing learning process.

    ▪ Danger of an incomplete security strategy.


    ▪ Will you take this as seriously as your financials?

    ▪ You need to stay informed from an executive view.

    ▪ How will I market this to my firms benefit.

    About the Speaker:

    Mark Essayian is President of KME Systems Inc., an IT support company he founded in 1993 that provides technology products, process, security and business continuity consulting to a wide range of clients. KME Systems helps clients improve profitability via the way they communicate with and assist their respective clients.

    Mr. Essayian’ s background has involved technology for over 30 years. He attended the University of California Irvine where he earned a degree in Physics with an emphasis in computer science and engineering. Mark is expert and passionate about assisting clients along their IT journey to protect their assets, culture and people.

    Mark has presented for the Wall Street Journal, SCORE, Microsoft partner network, technology manufacturers, IT peer groups and numerous executive meetings. Mark also currently serves on advisory boards for several manufacturers and is a source of information to the IT industry.

    Mr. Essayian believes in helping local charities leverage their technology to better serve the community. One of KME Systems core values is “Because we give a damn” and we know constantly trying to contribute improves us all.

    Questions? Please contact Lisa Wada


    • 8 Dec 2020
    • 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM (PST)

    Process Automation for Physician Practices

    Tuesday, December 8th
    9:00am-10:00am PST

    Presented By:
    Dale Tuttle
    Partner, Withum Digital


    Physician practices of all sizes still rely on manual processes to get work done. From invoicing to moving data between systems, many practices still rely on paper and their human staff doing things the same old way. Manual processes are error-prone, time consuming, and generally inefficient. In this webinar we will investigate how new technologies are allowing even small physician practices to automate key business processes to streamline their businesses. We’ll talk about a new type of automation known as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and how it fits into the process automation landscape. We’ll also talk about a few automation solutions on the market today and how they may help your practice automate key business operations.

    Learning objectives:

    • Describe solutions to automate key business processes

    • Recognize how your practice can benefit from process automation

    • Compare technologies that would be best for your practice based on its size and operations

    (Members Attend Free, Non-members $35.00)

    HOW TO JOIN THE WEBINAR: Please use the link provided in the confirmation email to complete your registration. 

    Continuing Education Units, CEU's:

    Earn up to 1.0 continuing education unit hours for each hour of education from the ACMPE, American College of Medical Practice Executives. Our events are eligible for continuing education units as awarded by other professional associations. We recommend that you contact your professional association for their approval process.

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16 Oct 2019 IEMGMA: Medicare Changes 2020
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9 Oct 2019 SMGMA: Communication: An Effective Customer Service Strategy
8 Oct 2019 OCMGMA: ICD.10-CM Update 2020
8 Oct 2019 WEBINAR - Let Them Eat IN PEACE; Meal and Rest Period Laws for Healthcare Workers
3 Oct 2019 NCMGMA: Lean Six Sigma Principles for Healthcare Providers and Medical Groups
2 Oct 2019 SMGMA: Come Out Swinging With SMGMA
26 Sep 2019 CCMGMA: MGMA Advocacy & Public Policy
18 Sep 2019 MSMGMA - Payers, Players, and Health Plans
18 Sep 2019 CVMGMA: How to Thrive in a Multigenerational Work Place
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17 Sep 2019 WEBINAR - Using Health IT for Quality Improvement and Payment Reform
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13 Jun 2019 CVMGMA: TBA
11 Jun 2019 OCMGMA: Customer Service: Improving the Patient Experience by Seeing it Through Their Eyes
28 May 2019 WEBINAR - How to Maximize Physician Contracts and Compensation in the Value Based Care World
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14 May 2019 OCMGMA:Fraud, Abuse, & Waste, Oh My! Developing an Effective Compliance Program
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23 Apr 2019 MSMGMA - Customer Service Training
17 Apr 2019 FNMGMA: Social Media and Your practice
16 Apr 2019 NCMGMA: Networking & Personal/Professional Goals
11 Apr 2019 CVMGMA: Re-Cap on State Meeting - Round Table discussion
10 Apr 2019 SDMGMA: OSHA Compliance
10 Apr 2019 SMGMA: 2019 California Health Law and Legislative Update
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28 Mar 2019 2019 Annual Conference - Attendee Registration
28 Mar 2019 2019 Annual Conference - Sponsorship, Advertising & Add On Registration
28 Mar 2019 2019 Annual Conference - Exhibitor Booth & Package Registration
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20 Feb 2019 IEMGMA: Preventing Fraud in the Medical Office
19 Feb 2019 LAMGMA: The Employment Law Update
14 Feb 2019 CVMGMA: Labor Law Updates
13 Feb 2019 NCMGMA: Emotional Intelligence And The Revenue Cycle
13 Feb 2019 SDMGMA: 5 Things Ex-Employees Can Do To Ruin Your Day...And What You Can Do About Them
13 Feb 2019 SMGMA: 2019 Labor and Employment Update
12 Feb 2019 OCMGMA: 2019 Medicare Updates
23 Jan 2019 MSMGMA: 2019 Legal Updates
22 Jan 2019 ACMPE Exam Registration Window
16 Jan 2019 SMGMA: 2019 Healthcare Hiring & Compensation Trends
15 Jan 2019 LAMGMA: Building Positive Relationships / Team Building
10 Jan 2019 CVMGMA: Service Animals in Your Medical Office
9 Jan 2019 SDMGMA: Presentation by San Diego Medical Society Leadership
13 Dec 2018 CVMGMA: 2018 Holiday Party
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14 Nov 2018 SDMGMA: Coaching and Developing High Performing Teams
14 Nov 2018 SMGMA: 2018 Holiday Party
13 Nov 2018 OCMGMA: Trends in the Staffing Market: What to Expect from a Staffing Agency
8 Nov 2018 CVMGMA: HR Round Table Discussion
26 Oct 2018 FNMGMA: 2018 Educational Summit Vendor Opportunities
24 Oct 2018 SMGMA: Vendor Fair 2018
18 Oct 2018 MSMGMA: Networking Mixer
17 Oct 2018 IEMGMA: Medicare Updates 2019 and Beyond
17 Oct 2018 LA/OC MGMA Joint Meeting
11 Oct 2018 NCMGMA: Building a Practice through Price Transparency and Lead Generation
11 Oct 2018 CVMGMA: Managing Cyber Risk for your Medical Practice
10 Oct 2018 SDMGMA: Stress Management for Physicians & Staff

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